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Author Topic: Permission to use GitHub Middle Earth GIS data  (Read 4633 times)


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Permission to use GitHub Middle Earth GIS data
« on: September 01, 2021, 10:58:26 am »


We are a small mapping startup company called Mapcherry (http://mapcherry.io/) from Romania and we create vector map tiles from OpenStreetMap data. We are constantly improving OSM (editing using JOSM different map features) and published some tools we develop to the open-source community. That being said, we would like to use the shapefiles from the Middle Earth github to create some vector tiles for a potential client that wants to use to the tiles for a walk tracking app - they want to reproduce Frodo's path from The Shire to Mordor. The client also wants to have some detailed areas in the cities, we will use the maps from atlas of middle earth as information. If we can use the shapefiles with Middle Earth from the github, I'll want to add the cities (roads, houses, cartographic features) we create to the ME-GIS open project (I'll make sure that the client agrees to this). Please let me know what do you think about this.

Also, great job in recreating Middle Earth in a GIS friendly environment.